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When there are so many changes around, you want to feel lightness again, confidence in yourself, remember your inner strength and beauty. Especially when you are a woman who had to leave her own home, move to a new city, change her surroundings, and adapt to new circumstances.

Everything has changed, but the beauty of Ukrainian women remains unchanged - still special, refined, and exquisite. Amidst the whirlwind of various events, women no longer pay as much attention to themselves, don't have the opportunity to attend various beauty procedures, or fulfill their feminine desires. They are exhausted: emotionally, physically, feeling constant tension and instability, losing comfort, whether physical or mental. Among all these worries, they forget about their femininity, about the fact that first and foremost, they are women.".

However, it's time to remember oneself and add more color, beauty, and positive emotions to the lives of Ukrainian women. Because a woman's beauty is mental health, it's satisfied women, and as a result, happy men, it's more inspiration, and ultimately, greater development for the country. Therefore, the Charitable Foundation PEREMOGA, in collaboration with partners, has created the "Transformation" project. The goal of the project is to inspire, distract from everyday worries, and provide an opportunity to have a beauty day of relaxation, entirely dedicated to oneself. To encourage new changes and make every woman feel the emotions and feelings that she should constantly experience, especially one as free and independent as a Ukrainian woman.

"Transformation" is a project for women affected by war, aimed at restoring mental health. For women who, during the war, have forgotten when was the last time they did something for themselves. To create an unforgettable day in which a woman can feel special, satisfied, beautiful, alluring, and confident.

Such transformations will take place every month with a new heroine. This project is created with care, even in challenging situations when life turns upside down. Every woman deserves attention, love, and happiness. The project will give women the opportunity to once again enjoy their own beauty, hear compliments, and feel fulfilled, free, and beautiful.

If you want to become a partner of the charitable foundation PEREMOGA and join this project, please write to: prmg.ukrainedp.peremoga@gmail.com, https://www.facebook.com/prmg.ukraine

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