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Blago Day

Our achievements

Наші досягнення

Assistance provided in the amount of UAH 1 037 837

3746 children were involved

Added psychologists to the project

Improving the mental health of families

The Blago Day project is an initiative aimed at providing a happy childhood for all young Ukrainians with difficult life circumstances. Today, unfortunately, our children learn about war and enmity not from books, but by witnessing it in real life. That is why kids, like no one else, need our protection and support, both today and always.

Who is this project aimed at? The Blago Day project aims to support children and mothers who have lost a loved one because of war, IDPs, and other children with any difficult life circumstances.

What are we doing within this project?

- We organize entertaining events and programs of various formats where children can feel joy, carefree, have fun, try something new, make new friends and adapt more easily to a new place because they had to leave their homes.

As of today, we have already involved 3731 children and held about 15 events for children in Dnipro.

- We organize trips to children's camps, where children can improve their health, have an active and interesting time, and forget about any worries during the vacation period. At the same time, mothers can be on their own, with their thoughts, and work with a psychologist, thereby working on their mental health. Our foundation, together with psychologists, provides free psychological support to mothers who attend individual sessions.

In total, we organized 6 shifts in children's camps for 28 children, one shift in the camp for 8 days costs UAH 11,750.00.

In addition to providing free vouchers to the camp, necessary items, and financing educational, entertaining, and cognitive activities, we also care about the psycho-emotional state of children and their mothers, who have to overcome all the difficulties that arise after a loss on their own. Our main goal is to provide children and their families with care, attention and positive emotions.

If you are a business owner or have interesting locations for children's recreation and development, we are open to cooperation and are looking for partners who would like to join this important initiative. More than ever, our little citizens need our support and care, and together we can create a better future for them. Blago Day is our joint effort to create a healthy and prosperous society.

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