Charity events

These are special events that are created consciously and with heart. The purpose of such events is to raise funds to support those in need. These events can be as varied as charity parties, auctions, concerts, sports competitions, etc., but they are all equally special and sincere.

Our team

Karachova Olha

Will think over the concept of the event

Vernyhor Anna

Find the best contractors

Mykhailychenko Sofia

Will make the best decor for the event

Why charity events are a great idea

Charity events can help draw public attention to social issues and create opportunities for cooperation between business, the public and charitable organizations. They bring together people who share a common goal and a desire to help others

Number of people


Money raised

3 326 650 грн


London, Kyiv, Dnipro, Odesa

we create a new and interesting concept that we are eager to implement
we search for the best location, and we know where to look
we find the most loyal contractors with the best prices
we design decorations that create the perfect atmosphere
coordinate everything to make sure everything goes "as it should" and without any unforeseen surprises

If you want to join the organization of conceptual events, become a part of them and have the resources to do so, then it's time to start our cooperation

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Any of your contributions will help to implement large-scale projects that are important to each of us, because in this way we together bring victory closer and create a bright and outstanding future
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Peremoga – unites each of us. Only by joint efforts will we help our soldiers and Internally Displaced persons. Every hryvnia is important!