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Peremoga Support projects that bring Ukraine's victory closer and make the lives of Ukrainians better together with the Peremoga Charitable Foundation
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We are charitable people with experience.

Over the year of its operation, the foundation has established sustainable areas of work, which were very difficult to organize. Therefore, we decided that our experience in generating creative charitable ideas and implementing complex projects would be useful to those businesses that want to be socially responsible.

Stages of work on requests for assistance

Accepting and processing requests from IDPs, the Armed Forces and other people in need
Offer a rational solution to the request if necessary
Collecting information and documents, verifying the person who made the request
We find all the necessary legal support for the implementation of the assistance and provide the required documents as soon as possible
Creation of a content plan for each fundraising event and area of work
Monitoring the realization of the request at each stage by the fund manager
Organize logistics or volunteer assistance if necessary Communicate with recipients of assistance, collect video and photo evidence of the transfer of assistance
Content creation
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Each partner contributes to charity projects

n short: if you can make good money, do it.

If you are ready to allocate a portion of your profits to charity, are looking for a project or a reliable partner to cooperate with in this area, we will gladly take care of the entire operational part of the process.

This is the only way cool charitable projects are created, and this is how we promptly help the Armed Forces and those who have suffered from the war and cannot wait long.

We are working together with you.

The Armed Forces will receive what they need.
Injured children will feel warmth and care.
Internally displaced Ukrainians will receive support and hope
Foundation's history and areas of work

What exactly does the PEREMOGA fund offer to partners

We will provide the operational support you need to manage your charitable giving program so you can focus on what you do best: running your business.
We will ensure full accounting and legal support. We will prepare partnership agreements in accordance with the laws of Ukraine, provide reports and relevant documentation. You will see how your contribution makes a difference in people's lives.
We will inspire you. Each employee will receive an electronic certificate of a charitable partner of the foundation. This will inspire you to help and provide confirmation of your participation in a charity.
We will provide media support, demonstrate your company's social responsibility in the media, social networks, on the foundation's website, write a review for LinkedIn or for your company's website.
We will gamify the process of making charitable donations using various mechanics at your request.
In some cases, partnerships with charitable organizations can lead to increased sales.

This is because customers may be more likely to buy products from companies they perceive as socially responsible.
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Reasons to cooperate with Charity Foundation PEREMOGA

the foundation is a reliable and respected organization
the foundation is compliant with the values and mission of the business
the foundation has several successful projects
the foundation can help businesses improve their social image
the foundation has a successful track record in achieving its goals.
the foundation has a team, experience and resources to carry out operational charitable activities
the foundation can offer an acceptable partnership format

Our approach for charity marketing

At our foundation, we understand that successful cooperation in this area is based on mutual respect and benefits.

We offer our partners a wide range of opportunities that allow them not only to make charitable contributions, but also to actively engage their audience in charitable activities, strengthen social impact and improve your brand image.

What is important to know about the Charity Foundation PEREMOGA

6 360 536 ₴
assistance to victims of war
868 709 ₴
helping children
5 587 273₴
assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine
engaged partners
cooperation with socially responsible businesses

Projects operating on a permanent basis

Blago Day

Children were involved
4 879
Spent on help
1 432 996,00 UAH


Involved in the project
9 756 300 UAH
We feed every day

Transformation project

Partners involved
Women transformed

Charity події

People took part
3 326 650 грн

Assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Help for the divisions
Spent on assistance
4 583 912,44 грн

What formats of charitable contributions we offer


How we organize our collaboration

let's meet online at a convenient time and discuss cooperation formats
he foundation is compliant with the values and mission of the business
we will prepare a contract that will clearly spell out all the obligations of the two parties, the deadlines for submitting reports, the number of PR materials, the mechanics of implementing the cooperation format you have chosen
let's create a working chat and start working
after a certain period of time, we will provide a report: on the direction of donations, on the developed press releases, posts, other materials
we will extend the term of the contract if all parties are satisfied with the result of cooperation

Which collaborations are already working for PEREMOGA

Charitable pizza


Proceeds from the pizza sales go to the Childhood for children initiative, to pay for a camp vacation for children of fallen defenders
Matcha-rose honey


We created a cool and stylish product, and in addition, for a charitable purpose, matcha-rose honey, the proceeds from which will go to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
Charitable cocktails


Proceeds from the cocktails sales go to the Childhood for children initiative, to pay for a camp vacation for children of fallen defenders
Колекція 804


804 - is a unique digital code of Ukraine.
We have put in this collection the sense of searching for our own authenticity, as each of us is a part of the country whose independence we are fighting for. From each item sold in this collection, 44 UAH go to charity
Waffle collection


A collection of waffle bathrobes and towels was created, with 10% of the sales going to the fundraising for a car for the Armed Forces of Ukraine


«ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE & PEREMOGA» - because all we needneed is love for each other and victory. 50% of the sales of scarves go to charity.