About the foundation

Our values


You can always request our reports or find them under the "Reports" tab. We are as transparent as the spring water of the Carpathians.


We are not used to shifting our responsibilities to someone, because the approach of victory is everyone's deal. We bring all our projects to a successful end.

Hard work

Peremoga is a continuous mechanism. At the same time, we can prepare thousands of food packages, conduct educational events for children, deliver a jeep for our defenders, and 1,000 other cases.

Thirst for victory

This is what we all gathered for and have been gathering for every day since the war began. We don't ask the question: "When is it already a victory", we just don't have time for it.

What is Peremoga?

It's when new circumstances hit your you on the head, and you not only endure, but also unite caring people like a magnet. This is how Peremoga appeared. We didn't know what would happen tomorrow, but we started working to make it happen. We couldn't fold our hands and wait, so we teamed up and started calling, texting, driving, learning, shopping, cooking, negotiating, swearing, getting some rest, and working again. We were not ready for war, like all Ukrainians, but we were ready to help others, and it so happened that we are not the only ones in this.

Now Peremoga is not just a few people who united on the first day of the war, it is a whole organism that interacts with people, businesses, international organizations and generates new projects for help and common victory.

We don't know when Ukraine will win, we don't have time to think about it. At this time, we collect food packages, find out where to buy mattresses for shelters, take displaced children to the planetarium, learn how to bring a jeep for the Armed Forces, and we do it thanks to you, and to us, and to all Ukrainians. Isn't this already a victory?

What we do

Aid for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

We are grateful to our defenders, that is why we are collecting official applications from military units so that Petro has the best plate carrier and thermal imager at the "front", and his battalion has a reliable jeep.

Aid for Internally Displaced Persons

We help displaced people with food and medicine and equip shelters with household appliances, furniture, mattresses, etc. We do everything possible to make everyone feel that home is the whole of Ukraine.

Our team

Yerak Anastasia

Co-founder and director of Peremoga

Lohutenko Anastasia

Co-founder of Peremoga

Karachova Olha


Bilodedova Iryna


Kovalev Mykhailo


Zelenokhat Hanna


Vernyhor Anna


Mykhailychenko Sofia


Volokitina Natalia


Zhumar Serhiy


Reznichenko Oleksiy


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Peremoga – unites each of us. Only by joint efforts will we help our soldiers and Internally Displaced persons. Every hryvnia is important!