We are a charitable foundation united by the goal of creating good around us.

We are a foundation of happy people. We work because for us our job is about the future.

Our work is a story of common help, mutual understanding and generosity that changes the lives of not only those who receive help, but also those who give their capabilities and resources to improve the world.
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The mission of the foundation is to create good in order to receive happiness and the opportunity to love in return. To create projects in order to live comfortably in a healthy and safe society

Areas of work:

Assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

We are grateful to our defenders, so we accept official requests from military units and gradually close them so that our soldiers have everything they need to repel the enemy with dignity and determination.

We provide communication equipment for their reliable support. Power supply - to increase the duration of the devices' functioning and ensure their efficient operation under any circumstances. Vehicles, which can never be in short supply and are so necessary at the front line.
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Social restaurant

The first Social Restaurant in Ukraine that we opened and which has been successfully operating for almost a year now. We assist socially vulnerable people who, due to a change in their place of residence, already have enough worries in all areas of life. By being able to visit our Social Restaurant, they don't have to worry about food, at least.

We already have a well-established system for providing meals:

• We serve delicious, hot meals to a large number of people - approximately 300 portions per day.

• The cost of one portion is 61.95 UAH.

• The monthly operating cost of the Social Restaurant is approximately 550,000 UAH, which includes rent, utilities, the cost of each portion, salaries, organizational services, and more.
🤝You can become a patron or partner of our restaurant PEREMOGA and support such an important social project.
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Blago Day

Unfortunately, today our children learn about wars and hostility not from books, but witness them firsthand. And kids need our protection and support more than anyone else!

War inflicts unjustifiable damage not only to the physical health but also to the emotional, psychological and social development of children. Important components of the project are psychological assistance and support, providing children with the necessary material goods, and most importantly, providing children with care, attention and positive emotions.
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The Ukrainian woman is courageous and brave, sincere, unique, and exquisite. This project is aimed at restoring the mental health of women affected by the war. For women who, during the war, forgot when was the last time they did something for themselves. It provides an opportunity to see themselves from a different perspective, to dedicate time solely to themselves, to boost confidence, and to inspire greater care for personal happiness and appearance.
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Charity marketing

PEREMOGA brings together businesses and individuals for charity. We want to act together with you. When we unite, we can make the world better - project by project. We will merge business with social responsibility, by creating projects that harmoniously match the values and capabilities of a particular business.
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Our advantages


many years of experience in marketing and event industry


the first Social Restaurant in Ukraine


we are absolutely transparent in our fundraising: 100% of the fees go to targeted assistance


experience of working in emergency situations


we are marketers, so we can reach out to everyone and demonstrate the work of the foundation in a professional manner


we are great at organizing events and dream of developing this area of charity


the founders of the PEREMOGA have business experience, so they build the foundation's work systematically


the foundation has a mission to develop a culture of charity in Ukraine


we are a young and progressive team, with an average age of 26-27 years

Our team

Yerak Anastasia

Co-founder and director of Peremoga

Lohutenko Anastasia

Co-founder of Peremoga

Karachova Olha


Bilodedova Iryna


Kovalev Mykhailo


Zelenokhat Hanna


Vernyhor Anna


Mykhailychenko Sofia


Volokitina Natalia


Zhumar Serhiy


Reznichenko Oleksiy